Features To Look For In A Cordless Drill

erteyrujhdsBesides a hammer and a screw driver, a cordless drill is one of the most common and important tools that a common handyman should have. Cordless drills are very important as they save time and energy when one is drilling holes. The cordless drills and drivers are also excellent multi purpose tools that can be used in making multiple fixings. The major outstanding advantage of a cordless drill is its portability when it is compared to other similar tools.

So if you are planning to visit the nearest home improvement warehouse to purchase your cordless drill, the features that we are going to highlight below, will go a long way in helping you choose the best cordless drill that will fit your needs.

Features to look for in a cordless drill

1. Multifunction drill/driver

It is very important that you purchase a drill that has a multifunction capability. It should have the ability to drill holes as well as fix screws. In this particular segment, the most important feature to look out for here in a drill is the type of variable clutch that it has. A drill with a good clutch will allow you fix screws without stripping the screw or even destroying the surface that you are mounting the screw on. Another standard feature to look out for is a driller that has reverse settings that will allow you easily extract the screws.

2. Hammer setting

When you want to purchase a moderate light weight drill, it is very important that you know that it will only be used in masonry and concrete. The light weight type of drill is mostly used in the DIY activities only. This is why it is advisable that if you intend to use your drill for other functions, you go for a cordless drill that has a powerful hammer since it will make it easier for you to drill into concrete. Some other powerful models have rotation locks that enable the hammer action to be used to chase a wall while one is installing cables or even when conducting light demolitions.w45ryret

3. Look out for a variable speed trigger

This is a useful feature that the cordless driller should have as it makes the exercise of driving the screws a lot more easier, it is also useful when one is drilling on metals as it allows one to lower the speed hence avoiding the drill to overheat. You can still achieve the same output if you find a cordless drill that has a dual speed setting that is important in altering the amount of torque that the drill can deliver.