Popular Types Of Espresso Machines You Should Know

Espresso has gain popularity all over the world for many decades. It is also the base for many types of coffee including the famous Cappuccino, Latte, and Americano just to mention but a few. So, what are the popular espresso machines you should know?

Popular types of espresso machines

The Moka Pot (Stove)

dfsfsdfsdffdgfdgSometimes referred to as the Moka pot, the stove-top espresso derived its name from its unique design. The device has two chambers and is placed on a stove burner when operated. There are however new electrical versions that are self-contained. Water streams in through its lower chamber where it gets held between two halves. The water at the bottom is subjected to heat that releases steam pressure which pushes it right through the coffee contained in its top chamber. The stovetop espresso is popular as it can be operated by anyone and can be afforded in most homes. Clean up is easy as there are few moving parts to worry about. In addition, its small size means it can be moved from around with ease.

Steam powered

Most people differentiate this device from the home espresso once they realize it does not have a pump. Another point of distinction is the large knob-like cover at its top that covers the water chamber trapping steam inside. Its electrical element produces heat that boils up the water. The steam pressure generated pushes the water via the coffee. With the steam powered espresso, you do not require any external heat source – electricity is enough. Just like the Moka pot, it is simple to operate as there are few moving parts involved. The price is budget-friendly to most people.

Manual lever

This is the simplest form of espresso machine in today’s market. It is taunted as the authentic coffee maker. Similar to the other two machines, it lacks a pump. You are the only one capable of forcing the water through. This is done by the lever arm which is pulled down with vigor. The lever arm was created just for you so that you can drive the water along by pushing down the piston. By being directly involved in the creation of the espresso, here is where the machine derived its authentic coffee maker reputation. The device has a simple design but looks visually stunning.

Pump machines

fdgdfgdfgfdgfdgfdgThere are several pump espresso machines in today’s market. Going through the list reveals the ingenuity of modern day innovations. The electrical pumps force water through your coffee. Most of these machines use vibratory pumps which have strong electromagnetic coils that move the small piston to and fro. The premium versions run on rotary pump electrical power motors which generate minimal sound.

Unlike the steam-powered machines which experience occasional overheating, this problem is alleviated in the electrically powered models. You are also guaranteed of consistency in operation and the quality of coffee delivered. Prices range from modest to very expensive. The pump machines can be categorized into semi-automatic, automatic and super automatic.


So, how does one get to choose? Before you go out and shop for a machine, go through reviews such as the Ninja coffee bar brewer review if it meets the features you want. Gauge your level of commitment to the beverage too so that you do not end up buying one and leaving it on display in your kitchen. Ask a friend or two who have espresso machines for their opinions on the same.