Types of college essay topics each student should know

It is true essays are quite tough for most students. Essays mean writing a lot of paragraphs. However, you must put your thoughts in the right way. This explains why the process becomes quite complicated. Understanding the rules to follow will make your work stand out. There are many types of essays you should know. You can easily get college essay help online. The following are some top rules you ought to follow to make the essay quite effective.

College essay topics


tg23efvhedf82jue9o22This type focuses on a particular idea and reaction of a writer. It starts with a statement or a particular question, which should be answered. The writer is also required to give his or opinion on this particular matter. Usually, the opinion should be backed by facts or evidence that support the argument. The writer then concludes the paper in a clear or concise manner. Some of the examples that include a writer’s opinion include politics, humanity, and events.

Cause and effect

This is regarded as the easiest type of an essay that is concerned with giving writers the cause and the result. It allows writers to prove their organization skills and at the same time discussing various ideas. The body then includes details which support the first statement like incidents, which led to cause or effect. Topics which are discussed under this particular type of essay include human, civil, and environmental rights.


tgw3edfc6hedc78iii2ik2These types of essay persuade readers to adopt a writer’s view about a given idea. In this case, writers ought to choose the side of the argument they should be on. In this case, evidence ought to be specific that the idea you present is supported. You need to be objective and logical. It is necessary to include experts’ comments, statistics, and facts to make your ideas concrete. Avoid overdoing as they can bore the readers. Some of the popular topics include health, drugs, and other controversial topics.


This is just like storytelling. In this case, writers ought to write an essay, which is a story. This presents readers with a given plot, which includes a setting, characters, climax, and end. You can also discuss your point of view and why you wrote the paper. The details are written in this particular story to support your point of view and explain the story. Some of the popular topics, in this case, include success stories, your personal life, and travels.